Who is Progelist aimed at?

Progelist is aimed primarily at those who wish to find resources to implement and manage their projects or activities, and to highlight skills and experience in order to find opportunities for collaboration and use.


Progelist also wants to offer to investors and lenders the opportunity to learn about projects and initiatives and to follow them in the early stages of incubation if they wish to actively contribute to their realization.

Do you need to have a project to access progelist?

Absolutely not.


You can use progelist to enter your resume or to highlight your professional activity.


You can use progelist to find resources for your professional activity, trade, or business.


You can use progelist to work in a team, to manage the work group, and to plan any individual activity.

Progelist is free or paid?

It is possible to access the platform and take advantage of its features completely free of charge.


However, there are paid features dedicated to those who want to pay particular attention to their profile or to receive certain management function, currently in preparation, that are particularly sophisticated .

What is a "project"?

Progelist considers a "project" the structured planning of actions to achieve a change in the reality that will trigger a material or spiritual enrichment for one, several or many individuals.

How do you safeguard intellectual property on projects?

The area in which the projects are inserted is characterized by a synthesised panel, visible to all registered users, and a descriptive panel, visible only to the owner of the project and its (possible) work team.


It is also possible to enter a project as "private" so that it is only visible to the owner, and his team.


In this case, the resources (necessary or already available), if included, will also be viewable by all users.