How it works



Here you can enter one or more Projects in order to show them to potential investors, partners, collaborators, and to seek planning resources necessary for their implementation (ideas, skills, information, know-how, etc..).


Each Project can be managed individually or by a team, specially organized, to work on-line through the sharing of documents, brainstorming, private messaging, scheduling of commitments, etc..).




Here are all the design/planning resources "necessary" and "available", regarding the Projects entered, and the progelist Users.



Here you can highlight contexts of collective interest where there are problems or room for growth in order to raise awareness among stakeholders (institutions, multinationals, etc..) and for brainstorming with other users and to verify, together, the opportunity to initiate specific growth Projects.





It is possible to access progelist either as a "Visitor" or as "Users".



The Visitors access without being registered and can view the Projects (in the descriptive section) and the Resources (that are already available to Projects or that are necessary), but can neither interact with users nor enter information or comment on the Projects.



Users, however, have registered and can use all the interactive features of the platform.




Registration is free and those that register are required to provide their credentials (name and surname) as well as a valid email, to which a confirmation message will be sent.


The person that registered is responsible for the account just created, regardless of whether it refers to a "single user", a "Team /Group" or a professional/company/society, etc. ..



The account is shown on the platform through the User ID, which for users that have a VAT number corresponds to the company name or the name of the individual firm, while for a "Team/Group" the user ID is the name of the group.


For "physical people", however, the User ID is selected by the User, who can chose the first and last name or a nickname that is automatically generated by a kind of algorithm (name_first letter of the surname_year of birth. Example . Antonio Bianchi Antonio born in 1968 = Antonio B. 1968).



Progelists intention is to protect the legitimate right of privacy of Users while maintaining a professional edge that can only be guaranteed with the presence of elements of recognition that can, also, foster personal and professional contacts.


The User ID is always visible to both Users and Visitors.


The User may also, at their own discretion and at any time, highlight on their own page additional information to complete their personal/professional profile.


Each individual "information" (address, location, phone no., e-mail address, profession. Etc.) can remain confidential or be shown, to Users or Visitors or to everyone.


The User can also highlight, in a similar way, certain information relating to their competence/capacity and any interest and willingness to consider new job opportunities and/or collaboration (eg: Expert in: - Knowledge: - Available: )


The access to and the use of all the features of the platform is free.


Inserting the profile


Both during the registration and subsequently, it is possible to enter information to complete the personal or profession profile in order to highlight the aspects that the user wants to emphasize.



Entering a project


To enter a new project, certain mandatory fields are required that identify the project, the type, the design phase, and the scope and the subject matter.


There are also a number of areas in which it is possible to describe the project, both in a "condensed" form (visible to both Visitors and Users), and in a "detailed" form (visible only to the owner of the project and the "Partners" of the team).



For each project, it is possible to highlight both the resources "necessary" for its realization as well as those that are "already available" in order to show the progress of the work and, gradually, the evolution of the project.


Furthermore, the "material" resources that a user intends to make "available", i.e that they eventually intend to sell, relinquish or transfer, in any way that they  deem  most appropriate and - of course - by arrangement with another interested User (operations in which progelist does not perform any kind of management and/or intermediation) can be detected in his personal page.



"private" project

it is possible to create projects that are only viewable by their "owners" (and the eventual work team). The project resources, possibly evidenced, may, however, be viewed by all other Users.


Project with "Anonymous user"

This type of project is viewable by Users and Visitors, but for confidentiality reasons on the part of the holder, the generalities are not shown.


collective contribution projects

For projects of public interest or for those that it is deemed necessary to have User opinion/feedback, "collective brainstorming" can be requested, highlighting this need, using the appropriate button.