What is progelist

Progelist is a Social Project Network where users meet to create professional and designed/planning synergies useful to:



On progelist it is also possible to start collective brainstorming - on issues and problems of collective scope, in order to find solutions or to initiate specific projects of growth.

Progelist is also a work platform where it is possible to work in a team (sharing documents, communicating, scheduling appointments) or request and express opinions on a project but also on other issues that can start "dialogues" useful to the growth of products or services.


Progelist is a new project and we need all of you so that the project can grow and develop.

You can contact progelisTeam to give advice, feedback, suggestions, useful to better understand the current problems and the improvements necessary for the development of the platform.

If you want you can join the progelisTeam and contribute to the growth of the platform.


Progelist is currently in beta-test phase. We apologize for any malfunctions.

Last updated february 5, 2013