Terms and conditions

PROGELIST’s  Terms and Conditions (www.progelist.com)


The User represents that he/she has read, comprehended and accepted these terms and general contractual conditions (“Terms”) concerning Progelist’s service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”). The User who utilizes the Service on behalf of an association, an entity  or organization, states that he/she has the power to represent the entity for the acceptance of these terms.



Progelist is a working platform which aids in the matching of supply and demand for material resources, ideas, abilities, and competences pursuant to projects that have been developed by Users.

Progelist endeavors to control the development of each Project in all its stages: from the definition of goals to the recruitment of human and material resources (personal property, real property, patents, and other immaterial goods) which are necessary until the project or the business venture’s executive stages have been achieved.

Progelist aims to cultivate the aggregation of synergies found among divergent competences according to the different forms of collaboration based on the Planning Democracy’s principles.


How It Works

Progelist allows the User to:

- insert a description of one’s professional activity or of other material (real property, equipment, means, etc.) and immaterial (competences, abilities, professionalisms, knowledge) resources that the User intends to make available to another Users’ projects.

- record a Project and invite other Users to directly participate to its achievement. The Users that have been invited by the Project’s Owner gain access to all the platform’s functionalities that have been designed for documents’ sharing, to the discussion among participants, to the shared agenda etc.

The User is visible on the platform with his/her own name, surname or eventually his/her nickname and the other personal information that the User has decided to share. Also the name, a synthetic description of the projects to which he/she participates and the resources that he/she decides to make available to other Projects is visible. All of this information may be modified by the User at any time.

The service is provided for free. Progelist reserves the right to develop premium functionalities to be offered to Users in conjunction with a fee.


How to Register

The User who intends to utilize the Service shall sign in providing some personal information and chose a password to access the Service.

The User who intends to participate individually shall provide: his/her name, surname, address, email and date of birth. If the User represents an organization (company, association or foundation, entity, etc.) he/she shall provide information regarding the trade name of the organization, its registered office and its corresponding vat number (if available).

The User who intends to register a “Team” must provide his/her credentials (name and surname) and indicate the Team’s “denomination”.

The User who participates individually can choose, while he/she is signing in or subsequently, to be or not visible on the platform using his/her own name or a nickname. The nickname is automatically generated by the Website utilizing the personal data provided by the User so as to balance privacy and reliance necessities (e.g. of a nickname: name. (initial of the surname).(year of birth) “Paolo.B 1968”).

The User can enhance his/her profile with information concerning his/her education and professional activity and, in the case of an organization, with further elements that are suitable of identifying its activity.

After the sign in the User receives an email that contains the link for the confirmation of the registration/enrolment and the express acceptant of these Terms.


Privacy Policy

The User is requested to read and accept our privacy policy in order to be informed on the modalities through which personal data are collected.



Each User can register one or more Projects on the website.

While the User is registering the Project, the User must indicate: (i) the object (i.e. the title of the project) (ii) the typology of the Project, (iii) the planning stage, (iv) the argument, and the geographical area.

The project (in a detailed form) is solely visible by the Project’s Owner and by the subjects that have been invited by the Owner (Project’s Partners) using the provided enter key that can be found on the website.

The project in a synthetic form is, instead, visible to all Users and to the visitors of Progelist’s platform.

The Project’s Owner and each of the Project’s Partners can share information and documents on the platform and utilize all the other functions that are available for Progelis’s Users.

The project’s Owner and each of the project’s Partners are liable for all the information and contents that are saved on Progelist’s Platform and of their eventual subsequent modification. The Project’s Owner can, anytime, confer to other Poject’s Partners the qualification of Project’s Owner. The project can be removed by Progelist’s platform only by the Project’s Owner.


Public Brainstorming

If the Poject’s Owner desires, he/she might make the Project visible and commented upon by users through the activation of the provided button “Public Brainstorming”, that is situated on the command panel. By doing so, Users can contribute with comments that are published on a specific platform visible on the page where the Project is described.


Anonymous User

If the Data Controller desires to promote a project maintaining his/her anonymity, he/she can flag the provided panel “Anonymous User”, that is placed on the Project’s control panel. By doing so, the data of the Project’s Owner and of the Project’s Partners are not shared.


Private Project

If the Data Controller prefers not to promote a Project, but rather to make it visible only to eventual Parteners, he/she can flag the provided panel “Private Project”. The resources of the project and the ones that are necessary for its completion are always visible to Users and visitors.


Contents that are provided by the User

The User is liable for the truthfulness of his/her and third people’s contents that he/she shares through the website, both in the public area and in the area that is reserved to each Project. The Project’s Owner does not perform any moderation or verification of the truthfulness of the information that is shared on Progelist’s platform, concerning Resources or Projects, nor he/she carries out any mediation activity among Users.

The user commits him/herself not to share on the platform information or contents that are in contrast with Users’ or Third People’s rights (including, as illustrative and not exhaustive examples, intellectual property rights, the right to one’s own image, to one’s own reputation etc.) and he/she represents to exempt the Project’s Owner from any liability connected to the utilization or the loss of such contents.

The Service’s Owner commits him/herself to promptly intervene against Users’ reports or Public Authorities’ orders that have been enacted to remove contents that have been considered offensive, unlawful or harmful of third people’s rights.

The only rights that are accorded to the Service’s Owner in relation to the contents that the User provides, are the ones that are necessary for the functioning and the maintaining of the Service itself.


Dialogue Area

Each user can propose thematic discussions within the dialogue area that can be found in the platform. The interventions shall be conformed to the principles of truthfulness and correctness, as well as to the respect of other users and third people’s rights. Neither disparaging or offensive comments, nor comments that are harmful of people, bodies, companies or institution’s dignity are admitted. The dialogue area is not subjected to moderation and Progelist denies any liability for Users’ interventions. Progelist, following a report submitted by Users, reserves the right to remove interventions that are not aligned with the above mentioned principles.


Duration and Withdrawal

This contract is open-ended.

The User can withdraw from the contract at any time by removing him/herself from the Service, using the provided option that can be found on the control panel.

The User has the duty to copy on a hard copy the information previously to his/her deletion from the Service.

In case of cancellation of the contract for any reason, Progelist cancels all User’ information from its server.



All figurative or nominative trademarks utilized by the Service, and all the other signs, brand names, service marks, denominative marks, brand denominations, illustrations, images and logos that appear are and remain of the Project Owner’s or of his/her licensees’ exclusive property and the same are protected by trademarks laws that are currently in force and by the correspondent international treaties.


Limitation of Liability

The Service’s Owner might be held liable, within the limits fixed by the applicable law, for the damages of contractual and non-contractual nature that are exclusively caused by the User when such damages constitute an immediate and direct consequence, for malice or  gross negligence, of the Service.

In no cases, but for different dispositions of the applicable law, the Service’s Owner and his/her managers, employees, agents, suppliers, collaborators and associates can be held liable for an amount that exceeds the double of the overall compensation that has been stated for the Service provided to the User. If the Service is provided for free the Service’s Owner cannot be held liable for an amount that exceeds 100 Euros.

The User expressly releases the Service’s Owner, within the limits allowed by the applicable law, from liability concerning eventual damages or any kind and sort of pretension claimed by third people and that are derive from an improper use of the Service or that are caused by the breach of laws or regulations (including the norms concerning copyrights’ protection) by the User, his/her employees, collaborators, agents and associates.




Force majeure

Progelist commits itself to perform every possible effort in order to guarantee the continuity of the Service informing the User of eventual reasons that make it temporarily unavailable.

The User considers Progelist exempted from liability in relation to damages, attacks that derive from or are anyway connected to computer virus, interferences, intrusions, as well as from facts or events that are out of  Progelist’s control (as illustrative examples: blackouts, strikes, earthquakes, fires, floods, wars, tumults or atmospheric events in general).


Amendments to these Terms

The Service’s Owner, given the rights of the Service’s User, reserves the right to make amendments to these Terms at any time, informing the User through the publication on the website or within the Service’s context.

The User can immediately withdraw from the Service. If the User continues to use the Service subsequently to the publication of the amendments, he/she accepts without any reserve the new Terms.


Contract’s Assignment

The Service’s Owner reserves the right to transfer, waive, convey for novation or subcontract all or some of the rights or duties that derive from these Terms, provided that the User’s rights, as here stated, are in any manner harmed.

The User cannot in any manner waive or transfer his/her own rights or duties according to these Terms without the written authorization of the Owner’s Service.


Applicable Law and Competent Court

These Terms and all the disputes concerning the execution, interpretation and effectiveness of this contract are subjected to Italian law.

The parties commit themselves to resolve every dispute, within the applicable legislation, to the jurisdiction of Italian tribunals, having detected as exclusively competent Milan’s court. 



Project’s Partners

Every natural or legal person that takes part in a particular Project at the Project’s Owner invitation has access to all the correspondent documentation. 



Structured planning of actions aiming to obtain a change in reality from which derives a material or spiritual enhancement for one, some or many individuals.



Every personal or real property, service or utility or Users’ request for a Project.



The service offered by the Service’s Owner, as specified in these Terms.


Terms and Conditions or Terms

These general services’ conditions.


Project’s Owner

The natural or legal person that has registered a project on Progelist’s platform.



The natural or legal person that utilizes the Service.


Service’s Owner

Progelist is a service provided by

Contact’s information:

Mr. Luigi Bordini

Via Matteotti 33 – 28077 Prato Sesia NO


Email: info@progelist.com